Eyelash Extension FAQ

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Eyelash Extensions FAQ: 
  • What are eyelash extensions? 

Eyelash extensions are cosmetic applications that enhance the fullness, length, curl, and thickness of lashes. Eyelash extensions are very convenient and customizable, but every eye is unique, so your set may not look exactly the same as someone else's. 

  • How often should I get them done? 

It is recommended to get a new set every 4-6 weeks (this length of time is equivalent to a full lash growth cycle), or a fill-in to revive your lash extensions is recommended every 2-3 weeks. 

  • How long do they last? 

Lash extensions last for about 4 weeks (the average full growth cycle). It is recommended to get a fill-in every 2-3 weeks to make your lash set look new again. I also offer quick fills (1 week). 

  • How long is an appointment? 

Lash appointment timing varies depending on multiple factors like: growth of client lashes, lash type, and the set being applied. For Bel Lumiere & Co., all sets range from 2 to 21/2 hours but can be extended to 3 hours depending on the various factors previously stated. 

  • Can I get them wet? 

You can get your lash extensions wet 24 hours after application. If lashes get wet before the 24 hour mark, there is possibility of losing a few lash extensions. 

  • Can I wear makeup with eyelash extensions? 

Do NOT wear mascara or use lash curlers on eyelash extensions. It is not recommended to wear heavy eye makeup with eyelash extensions. However, if you do wear eye makeup, make sure to cleanse the lashes thoroughly with a foam lash cleanser and cleansing brush. 

You can purchase these necessities here: Lash Bath Kit

  • Am I supposed to clean my eyelash extensions? How often? 

Yes, you are supposed to clean your lash extensions around 2 times a week to rid any dirt, dead skin cells, makeup, and buildup. Apply the lash cleanser directly onto the lash line, and use your cleansing brush and spoolies to gently cleanse the lashes. 

  • How can I remove them? 

Never try to remove eyelash extensions at home. Always go to your lash tech and get them professionally removed. Do not pick and pull at lash extensions. 

  • How should I prepare for my appointment? 

Do NOT wear any eye makeup (mascara, eyeshadow, eyeliner, etc.). Please come with clean lashes (I will still clean lashes prior to application).

Do NOT drink caffeine prior to your appointment (it is harder for clients to keep still and may increase the application time). 

DO wear a mask and comfortable clothing. 

  • What if I need to reschedule/cancel? 

You will find a confirmation email from Bel Lumiere & Co. (check spam tab) that you can go to for a review of your appointment. From there, you can reschedule cancel at least 8 hours in advance of your appointment. If you find yourself in a last minute situation, please text or call the number provided: (317)998-1632. 


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Address: 11915 Pendleton Pike, Indianapolis, IN 46236. 


*** Always make sure to ask any questions you may have about eyelash extensions to your lash tech. 

*** All exchanges with Bel Lumiere & Co. for services are final. No refunds. Cash is the only accepted form of payment. 

*** Phones are NOT allowed during appointments. Please make any calls and send text before arriving to your appointment.